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Our Company Culture – Creating a Future Together

Attollo Company Culture illustration of two characters with light bulbs above their heads


Every company has a culture, it manifests in a multitude of ways, from our behaviours to our beliefs. Culture is in all that we do – our interactions, our relationships, what we expect from our company and what our company expects from us. Cementing ours in a culture deck seemed the natural next step. It’s been a process very much driven by our team, because they know it best. We see our culture deck as one of our most important assets and we believe it helps keep us focused and on track.

After our (recent) rebrand, we figured the timing couldn’t be better to make it public and clarify who we are, so that we remain transparent (which happens to be one of our core values) and answerable to our clients and our teammates.

Key points:

  • Our culture: we believe Together. Everyone. Achieves. More. We are the #ATeam.
  • Our manifesto, vision and mission – we are disrupters, we believe that to effect change, we need to be bold; we want to create a tomorrow better than today, using cutting edge technology.
  • Our core values – trust, transparency, courage, passion, resourcefulness, humility. We operate with trust and integrity, no matter what. And are always driven by innovation.
  • Our company characteristics – consistency, simplicity, sustainability, relationships, impact, innovation, safety. We think big and bold. We take risks, knowing they are critical to success. Sustainability is at the heart of what we do.
  • Failure is ok, as long as we’re ‘failing forward’, safe, and learn from our experiences. There are unknowns along the way. We’re always growing and developing our personal skill sets.
  • Employee wellness is key. We take holidays, we log off, we come back refreshed.

We hope you enjoy browsing our culture deck, and we welcome your thoughts.

We are the #Ateam

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