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we are Attollo.

A marine company focused on a clean energy future.

Our Vision.

Create a tomorrow better than today.

Our Mission.

Leverage the power of agile, integrative technology, and advance operations to drive the world toward a brighter energy future.

Our Story.

Since 2014, our dedication to delivering dynamic solutions has positively impacted the global offshore energy industry. We value innovation over tradition, and focus not on where we are but where we want to be. We never fear the new but are always prepared to grow and evolve. That’s how we built Attollo, and we’re still driven by the same bold ambition. Our progressive approach and ambitious vision enable us to propel our industry forward, not just for today, but for a brighter, more sustainable energy future.

Our Manifesto.

The future is on a relentless path forward and so should we. We are the future shapers, the disruptors, the dreamers. We set unreasonable goals, are curious and accomplish things others considered impossible. If there isn’t a way forward, we create one. We do not find strength in stillness. We believe movement is essential to life, growth, learning and happiness. We believe through constant movement we surpass our highest expectations. Movement creates the energy to extend our reach, our ambitions and our goals. When we commit to our purpose and action in the present, we can change the future and impact the world. How will you move through life? How will your movements today, in this moment, impact tomorrow?