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Employees at Attollo Create Their Own ‘Culture Deck’

Billy Simpson leader of culture deck standing outside against wall

Employees at ATTOLLO have created their own culture deck in order to define the company culture, core values and vision.

The culture deck first made famous by Silicon Valley giant Netflix outlines the values of the company, defines its missions and objectives, and the behaviours and traits expected from their team. It is used as a tool to attract, retain and promote the right people.

Led by Asset Operator Billy Simpson, the team at ATTOLLO brainstormed the core values that they wish to uphold in their company, such as trust, transparency, and resourcefulness. The deck goes on to set out their company characteristics, including innovation, impact and sustainability.

ATTOLLO is using its culture deck to navigate the changeability of COVID 19 and lockdowns – by focusing on wellness, offering counselling, and ensuring a distinction between work and home life by encouraging ‘log off in lockdown’. Acknowledging that disruption is only accelerating, ATTOLLO believes that the culture deck can help employees manage the uncertainty. In ATTOLLO’s case, the deck sets out in a handbook given during onboarding, what they expect from employees to be able to succeed in a new era, and highlights that failure is ok, as long as they’re ‘failing forward’.


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ATTOLLO People Operations, Aliz Szegedi, explains “Our culture deck was created by employees, for employees. In this current climate of home working and reduced contact we needed a way of knitting our team together and the culture deck does just that. Looking to the future, we think that employee alignment is key in a world where results matter more than hours”.

Asset Operator at ATTOLLO, Billy Simpson, the employee representative who was instrumental in crafting the deck, said “We have a sports team approach whereby we want to encourage good fits for our company and develop them as much as possible. In our industry there isn’t always an easy route forward, but we look for team members who are willing to join our ‘A team’ and carve our future with us.”



About: Attollo focuses on smarter operations with better results and continues to positively impact the global offshore marine industry with unrivalled expertise in supporting offshore energy projects. Attollo’s progressive approach and ambitious vision enable it to propel the offshore industry forward for a brighter, more sustainable energy future.

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