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Attollo Publishes 2020 Sustainability Report

Attollo has published its Sustainability Report for 2020, highlighting the company’s operational focus on sustainability, actions towards minimizing carbon footprint, and its response to COVID-19.

As a participant in the United Nations Global Compact, Attollo is required to submit a communication on progress on how its business principles aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals during 2020 and how it has integrated UNGC ten principles into its working strategies and operations. The communication on progress is a visible expression of commitment to sustainability.


Sustainability Report 2020


In his message from the CEO, Ben Moore writes: “Our 2020 Sustainability Report details the actions we have taken and are continuing to take to operate safely, reduce our environmental footprint and work closely and fairly with the community and our stakeholders. In an industry that is continually developing and changing, we recognize that maintaining sustainability as the constant foundation of our approach to doing business is paramount to Attollo’s success and adequate contribution.

HSEQ lead at Attollo, Ale Ramirez, says: “Attollo has been working hard throughout the pandemic to ensure our operations have continued and our personnel have been at the forefront of our focus to ensure that their health, safety and well-being have been prioritized throughout.” 



About: Attollo focuses on smarter operations with better results and continues to positively impact the global offshore marine industry with unrivalled expertise in supporting offshore energy projects. Attollo’s progressive approach and ambitious vision enable it to propel the offshore industry forward for a brighter, more sustainable energy future.


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