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Attollo Offshore Evolves to Attollo


Leading marine operator Attollo Offshore is rebranding in order to reflect its contribution to the energy transition, having supported some of the world’s largest offshore renewables projects.
Attollo Offshore will now simply be known as ‘Attollo’ to reflect its broadening horizons and increasing demand by its clients to deliver new services to support their ambitious clean energy agenda under the Attollo brand.
New Attollo Logo

Attollo Offshore has been a leading player in the offshore marine industry since its inception in 2014 and continues to be one of the industry’s most trusted suppliers. Under the new brand structure, Attollo will bring the same commitment to supporting the energy transition by accelerating future clean marine fuels and emission-reducing solutions to the offshore industry, as well as delivering a broader spectrum of services to support clean energy projects.

As part of the new group structure, Attollo will now offer the following services:
        • ATTOLLO OFFSHORE:      a continuation of their high performing offshore marine operations.
        • POWERED by ATTOLLO:   bringing leading marine operations to third party owners.
        • ATTOLLO PEOPLE:             recruitment of the people required to transform the energy sector.
        • ADVISED by ATTOLLO:      using their experience to assist other companies to align themselves with the future of energy.
        • VOYAGE FUND:                   strategic investments to achieve a sustainable future.
Underpinned by new slogan why ride waves, when you can make them‘, the new message aligns with Attollo’s pioneering spirit and quest to achieve a sustainable, zero-emission marine future. As part of the rebrand, its web address will also change to Attollo vows to support energy companies in their decarbonisation efforts and to accelerate the transition to cleaner energy.
Attollo Managing Director, Ben Moore, explains the reasoning behind the rebrand: “The legacy of energy companies is currently in the balance; we are supporting them to execute long term decisions that will define their futures. Our pioneering spirit has supported some of the largest renewables energy projects in Europe making a major contribution to the energy transition. And as energy companies’ ambitions get larger, so do ours, in order to support them.”
“Net-zero by 2050 will require the worlds largest ever peacetime investment. And we are playing our part to build towards this new bold reality. Attollo is now committing to a multi-generational effort that will define the future of our children.”

About: Attollo focuses on smarter operations with better results and continues to positively impact the global offshore marine industry with unrivalled expertise in supporting offshore energy projects. Attollo’s progressive approach and ambitious vision enable it to propel the offshore industry forward for a brighter, more sustainable energy future.

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