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ATTOLLO Joins ‘Deepwind’ Cluster

Deepwind Cluster Logo

As the importance of offshore wind increases, and the world moves towards decarbonisation, marine operator Attollo has signed up to Deepwind cluster – the largest offshore wind representative body in Scotland.

Deepwind’s purpose is to create a cluster to achieve greater benefit from current and future offshore development in the U.K. and internationally. It currently has over 560 members from industry, academia and public sector, and specialises in fixed and floating offshore wind in deep waters, specifically deeper than 40 metres. The cluster aims to raise competitiveness and capability, while increasing business visibility and paving the way for easier collaboration.

As one of the pioneers supporting offshore wind projects throughout Europe, Attollo are now supporting deeper, larger and more complex offshore wind ventures in the U.K. and Scotland, bringing their advanced offshore experience and knowledge to support more challenging projects. Attollo is a key offshore wind contractor based in Scotland, and has substantially contributed to developing local supply chains and knowledge through its offshore wind activities, through enhanced productivity and innovation.

The Deepwind cluster covers an area that runs along the Scottish coastline from Wick to Montrose, which is the current geographical area of members projects. Members include Orsted, Equinor, SSE renewables, and BP.


About: Attollo focuses on smarter operations with better results and continues to positively impact the global offshore marine industry with unrivalled expertise in supporting offshore energy projects. Attollo’s progressive approach and ambitious vision enable it to propel the offshore industry forward for a brighter, more sustainable energy future.

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