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We’re committing to a ‘remote-first’ model

Remote First Attollo

At Attollo, we feel the time is right to announce our move to a ‘remote-first’ way of working for our onshore staff. Simply put, remote working will be our default, while also giving our teams the flexibility they desire with the option to come to a physical location when it’s required, and restrictions allow.


The health and safety of our teams is paramount. A distributed team minimises interactions and maintains social distancing, which is a great way to manage risk and ensure the continued health of our staff, while honouring the wishes of our team members who have been clear that they’d like to keep the benefits of remote working. Our team has adapted well to a remote mindset thanks to the digital bias of our operation’s pre-pandemic.


Being one of the most digitally progressive companies in the offshore energy industry we took to remote working like ducks to water when it was forced upon us in 2020. We have now found new ways of interacting and working together we want to keep, but still realise there will always remain a place for in person interactions.


As a global company, we need global capability. We need to continue to be resilient to unexpected distribution challenges. A large headquarters in one location is no longer optimal for us. Spreading our capabilities reduces our lockdown and travel risks and ensures the continuity of our operations and our business.


As we continue to tackle global challenges and work towards reducing emissions in the offshore sector, we deploy advanced technology, capability, and knowledge. To keep ahead we must hire the best and realise they are not all in one location.  


Staying agile is crucial to managing our complex international operations and rapidly changing global restrictions. As restrictions ease and rules become more stable, we plan to create more hubs in more locations, allowing for collaboration when in person interactions are required.


In terms of sourcing new talent, recent times have proven that the use of remote hiring techniques and software are highly effective with selfie videos being far more effective than CV’s at getting to know candidates and identifying the best fits for our organisation. We will continue to source the best talent using these tools to promote diversity in our operations.





Up until now, we have been leaders in centralized control room methods. But the world has changed, and a rapidly evolving work environment requires us to be progressive. Whatever the future of work holds, at Attollo we are ready to adapt and succeed.


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